Jet overrun at TEB?


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Anyone know what happened today at TEB? We landed on 6 just as they reopened, then got stuck behind a Lear 60 that was being towed and followed by ARFF. Noticed dirt on the tires of the Lear. I'm assuming it ran off the end of 6, but I didn't hear anything official.


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We must have been there at the same time. Apparently there was a nose wheel steering problem. At least that's what the line guys and CSRs were saying at Atlantic


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I don't know if the 60 is the same as the 35 and 55 with regard to nose wheel steering but if it is, I would be surprised to see an overrun because of it.


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Here's what I had in my in-box:

-----Original Message-----
From: NBAA Airspace Alerts on behalf of Air Traffic
Sent: Fri 9/28/2012 12:58 PM
Subject: TEB delays - 1655z

All - we have been advised that all is not well at TEB, as was previously
reported to us. The disabled aircraft is just off the edge of the runway
on 6/24. It is going to take up to 3 hours to move it with a crane.

As a result, they are utilizing Runway 19 for arrivals. *At this time,
they are unable to depart TEB, since departures from Runway 19 would force
them to stop EWR.* The plan is to land as many as they can at TEB, then
put a TEB ground stop in, then stop EWR long enough to allow TEB departures
to go.

*Operators should expect significant departure delays from TEB for the next
several hours.*