Is it worth the cost


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Is it worth the cost?,i don't believe so an aviation degree actually works agaist you in your desire to become an airline pilot.
1. It is very expensive, sure UND and erau have nice aircraft, but you have to pay for it, a new plane doesn't make a better trainer than a twenty year old less expensive airplane. ex: my local fbo's pro pilot package inst, commerical, multi and cfi cost apx. $26000+ 25000 for a instate degree(non aviation), opposed to over $100000 for und and the training can be done in less than a year as opposed to four years a aviation univerites HALF THE FREAKIN COST
2. The airlines look a FAA ratings not where they came from your faa pilot certificate is the same even if you pay more a an aviation university.
3. The airlines DON'T CARE WHAT YOUR FOUR YEAR DEGREE IS IN. And if you lose your metical and cannot fly any more what good is an aviation degree.
4. THEIR FULL OF BS the airlines don't bang on your dorm door a month befor graduation, you do what all pilots do instruct for a year or two to build time.
5. Full of crap all pilots can get hired with the airlines with 100 hours multi time. regardless if the wasted $50,000 at one of these joker universities.

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R-I-G-H-T. Well before you make your very uneducated opinion on UND or any other Univ with an aviation program you might want to look past money. 1/3 of that $100,000 is school tuition and room and board. But hey, if you wanna fly in a POS plane as opposed to a nice one with new technology, be my guest. Part of attending one of these schools is the whole college experience. If you go to your local FBO, you're not gonna get this guaranteed. Also, schools like UND have deals with airline where you can internship and co-op. Also, if you go to UND, some airlines reduce their minimums for UND grads, not for any FBOs. So, just do some more research and in my opinion, yes, it is worth the cost. Peace.