iPhone: Flight Control

It's an addicting game. My High Score is 62 so far. It gets pretty crazy after you've landed around 35 planes... ;)
I have reached 107... Got over 100 a few times. I can get up to 80 consistantly. My last FO got 153! I plan on beating that!
Uh oh, when did you get into the iPhone app business Doug? First the AT-SAT prep book, and now this???

It's a conspiracy. I don't know jack about ATC or creating iPhone apps, but I'm seeeeekretly taking over the world.
I picked this game up today not thinking it'd be much different than ATC 4.0. Man was I wrong! I'll be playing all night! My record is 45.
I was never a fan of iPods in general but my fiance has one and I mentioned the game to her. She bought it and now she can't get the thing back from me! I love it! So far I am at 76, but I'm sure 30 of those were just plain luck. Those helicopters are just annoying...
Well I think buying apps for my iphone are stupid when I can usually find a "lite" version for free, but I gave in after hearing how much fun people were having on it and got 52 landed after my first time. It really is fun, well worth the $.99. Now I'm not going to get anything done.
I dont know if you heard me counting, but I did over a thousand. You've your uvulus muscle connected to your upper dorsumus...I know, it's boring, but it's my life...
here's my high