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Well, I guess it's time I came out of my "shell" so to speak. I've been a lurker for a little while now, and figured this should be the time to say hello. To extend my hand in friendship to all the jetcareers members I attached some pics from my recent cross country flight for my commerical rating, KAUO-KPDK. I am a student at Auburn University and am obviously working on my commercial rating currently, having cmpleted my private and instrument in the past year and a half. I got cleared for over the top of KATL at 5500' both ways and I was anxious to get home and dload these pics to my comp to share. Enjoy.

Delta's TOC (Technical Operations Center) where I worked as a co-op with the B727-B737 systems fleet team for a year:


NWA Airbus on short final for 26R over the Ford plant:

Not from the air, but a pic on Loop Road around KATL, at the red light to turn right to go to the TOC, when I dropped a friend off Friday afternoon:

Interior A/C shot on my way to Peachtree-Dekalb (KPDK):

Approaching Peachtree City, KFFC, south of KATL:

Downtown ATL on approach to KPDK:

Two pics of KATL southbound returning to KAUO:

*All of the above images are compressed and resized, for originals in 2080*1544 resolution email me at

I have more pics from the flight as well as pics from a flight into KBHM, but I will bore you with them later.
Welcome to the world of the living.

This is a bit of a tangent, but I've studied many an IFR accident happening around Peachtree. What's with that place? Terrain issues?
No terrain to speak of, as it is basically flat around Atlanta metro. However, there are a lot of obstructions ... towers, tall buildings, etc in the area which makes a difference. Plus there is a ton of traffic operating in a very confined area in the vicinity of that airport.

If you survive the arrival, there's a good burger joint on the field with an excellent runway view!
Peachtree City, KFFC, or Peachtree-Dekalb, KPDK?
Not really sure, KFFC is kind of placed with trees around the facility, but nothing major that I can think of when flying into their doing private solo cross country. KPDK on the other hand is pretty well surrounded by man-made surroundings. They are actually building just off the right side of rwys 2L/2R that seems like it could definitely get in the way if you didn't follow runway heading. Antennas galore on the approach to 2L/2R as well, and if you don't watch MDA/DA you could quite easily end up planting yourself into one, seems like they're almost on centerline. Not to mention the rwy incursions that happen there, with 2L/20R 2R/20L 09/27 and 16/34 all pretty much intersecting in about a 100 yd square it gets pretty interesting taxiing around there.

And thanks for the welcome, feels good to breathe life.
Most definitely, I highly recommend the "Downwind" Restaurant. Pretty good view of the airport as well as that 100 yd square I was mentioning earlier. A definite must if ever in to PDK.
Thanks for all the warm welcomes. The pics were from this past Saturday actually, Feb. 21. Passed over FFC around 1:00 central, 2:00 eastern if I remember correctly.
Oh man, you should have stopped by, we would have washed your plane for you (small donations were of course welcome... it was our alpha eta rho fundraiser