Insurance Req.


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Was wondering what some of the other flight school insurance req. were for complex and multi rentals. The flight school i'm attending @ DTO just moved the req up to

Basic trainer
10 TT 1 make and model

Arrow IV
100 TT 40 PIC 25 PIC in complex ( retract) 5 make and model

Seneca I
500TT 75PIC 25 PIC complex 15 make and model

This kinda kills any advanced training or solo x-c because you have to take an instructor till you meet the mins. I would be interested in knowing are all the FBO being hit by this Req. or is this bunch way out whack with the rest of the flying world.
I don't know a lot about insurance requirements, but I'll give you some I've seen as a comparison.

Piper Arrow
-150 TT, Instrument rating, 10 Retract

Another school, Piper Arrow
- 25 Retract or 10 Make and Model (didn't list a TT requirement)

Can't remember what the Seneca was at the one school, but I think it may have been 200 TT