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I don't quite comprehend the whole PACE thing, does one need to have their instrument rating prior to PACE? All the website says is 250 hours of flight time, yet some posts say the instrument class is like a refresher, and there doesn't seem like much training in the program for one w/o an instrument rating.

Can anyone expand on this?
Gotta have commercial/multiengine/instrument and at least 250 TT for PACE. Otherwise, look into the full MAPD program.
They changed it slightly. Now you need 250 TT, instrument and commercial. It CAN be commercial SE, but you have to get your Multi add-on at PACE. Not sure how much it costs to get your Multi in a Baron, though.....
my question is, if you don't do well in the interview with mesa, do you get a chance to interview with us airways express and the other airlines they advertise? or do they just boot you. i can't see spending $12k for ten hours in a baron and a bunch of worthless sim time. the program does sound appealing though. i'd maybe consider it but can't afford to take on any more debt. especially if i didn't get hired.
Um, there's no such airline as "US Airways Express".

But if what I've read about the dude who's suing MAG for not getting hired is true, you'll likely get a shot with Freedom and Air Midwest if you botch the Mesa interview...but the whole point of the program is to prepare you for that interview so you DON'T screw it up.

Really, I imagine that if you aren't hired by them after the program, you're probably not hireable anywhere due to attitude or skeletons in the closet.
they advertise one on their website. hiring partners are mesa, america west express, us airways express
aloft is right about USEx. There is an "entity" named that but they do not own planes or employ pilots. The USEx carriers I am aware of:

Allegheny (merging with Piedmont)
Mesa and Air Midwest
Trans States

Am I missing anyone?
From what I've heard recently, in the past few months out of close to 50 interviews, only about 4 didn't get hired. Those are from PACE and ab-initio. The 4 were turned down for "good reasons," but I'm still digging to find out what those reasons were. Even some of those guys are getting set up for second interviews. The guy that is sueing not only botched his first interview, but his second as well. Even after that, they were STILL going to give him a shot at Freedom. Personally, I would have walked away from the Freedom deal, though.
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You should be in there soon. Hang on through the bad times and the good times will be around the corner.
Lately Mesa is hiring anyone with a pulse.

[/ QUOTE ]

I like the sound of that! Hopefully they still have the same "requirements" when I'm applying a couple years from now