Insight on the multiple user names/registrations


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I'm in a situation where I have three coworkers who also have registered on here (although they are infrequent posters) and we all at one time or another have posted from the same computer. I know there are more ways to determine when someone has another account but in case a common IP address was a reason, this is a situation where four people could all appear to be the same.


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I know these guys have other ways to tell - Jtrain and I used to post from the same computer fairly frequently and I'm sure we set off on their IP sensors all the time :)


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I agree.

I remember seeing this on another forum.

I think The Management realizes that occasionally people do post from the same computer.

It's when someone does something goofy that invites the suspicion of even a novice online detective.

I can't believe they haven't figured out that besides Nick, I am also --- ooops, almost spilled the beans on my second identity! :p


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Yes, we do have ways of knowing when multiple users sign on to the same computer(s).

Couples/Roommates/Crew Lounges are the most common "culprits", and it's pretty easy to tell what's going on.

It's not really something that you need to worry about. The software is in place to detect people who try to make multiple screennames for the purpose of spamming the forums, or causing trouble. If you're not spamming or causing trouble, you've got nothing to worry about. :)


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I personally believe that Aloft has an alter-ego log on that believes GoJet pilots are pseudo-scabs.



I am thinking of creating an alter ego to say hateful things about liberals - if I do it from this machine will you catch me, or do I need to buy a completely new computer?:confused:


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well sure, it's not really aviation related...oh but really, i suppose it should be moved to the forum tech support. just thought of that. DOH!