Inflight Meals


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This was a topic on the website so I just thought I would bring the topic up here on this forum. What do you think about the inflight meals (if any) that are served now?

Me personally...especially on AA except maybe for a SFO-HNL flight I had before 9/11 all meals have been fantastic. Great quality but now after the economy has gone down we get crap if we're lucky to get any at all. I mean just last week I went to LGA & I received a little I have had snacks before on AA from companies like Rold Gold (however you spell it) but now they have gone to sucks...yuck...the pretzels were like so dried out & cheap..but the company has to do what they got to do...

I also believe that as soon as the major carriers start making profits...maybe not asap but after they get their cash flowing again..i think the quality of inflight food will increase back to the way it did before 9/11..b/c no way airlines like UA or AA are gonna have ticket prices bounce back up with crappy food with some other major carrier maybe with a slightly cheaper price with quality food...also there was something else i was gonna say but just forgot it...anyway...comments

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I dont mind not getting airplane food as long as I get a soda. If I'm on a long flight I'll usually make a sandwich before the flight anyway.
Check out

The worst has to be "tuna ball" on USScare. It's two little pieces of bread and a small condiment cup sized ball of tuna out of which you are supposed to make a sandwich. Just give me an extra bag of pretzels instead...
Those really were pictures of food LOL.

I thought it would be a joke or something! Must have been a LONG flight to be that bored!
Sometimes I wonder if the airline catering companies are getting their food from the same folks who provided the dorms with food in college. One night when I was stumbling home in the wee hours of the morning, I saw them unloading food for the cafeteria. Now, I was pretty messed up (eight hours definitely wouldn't have been enough, let's put it like that) but I saw the boxes labeled with "Grade D but edible."

Then there are times like when I flew to Hawaii. Man, was that food good!
Watch it missy or your avatar's next!

In my personal opinion - I think this thread went in the wrong direction when aloft started the whole avatar/boycott business (nothing will ever be boycotted on this site)...

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