I think we need a new Gulfstream post.


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Seems kinda slow here at Jetcareers today....

I did some research and found out most of the major airline pilots who have letters at the Gulfstream site recommending the PFT program are scabs. SCABS....

Three of four are senior CAL pilots. Two of those are 100% for sure on the scab list and one has a slightly different first name (Rick vs Richard, same last name). The fourth guy is AAL.

Gawd...couldn't they find more non-scabs to recommend thier program?


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A scab is someone who does work for managment replacing workers that are currently on strike. It's a very big no no in most industries, and in one as small (relativly) as the airline industry it is considered the kiss of death.



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You know why? I was away for the weekend. Amazing how different it is without me?

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I was away mentally


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As was I... and have watched my info gathering posts slowly bleed to death on the main forum.