I guess things can go right, even for me!


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OK, you read enough of my bitching and whining enough, so here you go--a "happy rant":

Imagine a day, in the middle of November in Maryland, with near perfect weather. Imaging an instrument lesson where you are tracking radials perfectly, holding altitudes exactly, and flying a perfect ILS to minimums. Imagine a day where you don't forget even the most minor items (such as folding a chart just the way you want it), and everything goes better than you thought it ever could. Oh, and imagine performing every landing where you touch down baby's-butt softly, and hold that nose until it settles to the runway whisper-softly, in sweet time, all while tracking perfectly down the centerline.

And then you have a nice lunch with your CFII.

Believe it or not, my friends, it does happen.

I know the feeling...you should be ridculously happy for about 2 more days.