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I sent my deposit away, and I will be in the June 2nd 2003 class. I will be going down over X mas to check it out. A little info on me, I'm 20/m, PPL, going for the CIME program. I haven't decided if I'm doing the CFI route or ASA tract. I will be doing ERAU's Professional Aeronautics degree program, but I’m knocking out generals right now, I’ll have 45 credits towards that when I start. Other than that I'm just completely ecstatic that I get such a jumpstart on my chosen career. I’ve been monitoring the boards for awhile so I have a pretty good idea about it, but I would like any & all feedback/advice that you guys are willing to give me. Thanks Brandon
Congrats! Check before tour....there's a brave man!

You won't regret it if you're willing to work hard....If you do your part, you WILL get hired somewhere....

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Congrats! Check before tour....there's a brave man!

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The only saving grace is per the enrollment agreement, students who haven't visited the school can cancel without penalty or obligation within 3 bid'ness days following a tour. I would visit first, but I guess he's heard so much great stuff via Jetcareers, he had to send the check to reserve a spot and hold the costs to whats currently advertised.