How long to get AFOQT scores?


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I recently found out that I will be able to graduate college a semester early (April 04). My squadron holds the hiring board only once a year and it's at the end of January. I havent taken the AFOQT, BAT, or physical. I'm a loadmaster in the squadron and they said that they'll see if they can get me into the board without the stamp of approval from HQ AF reserve command, but I need to have the AFOQT and BAT scores. How long does it take to get the results of those tests? How long does it take to get scheduled for the test? Am I totally screwed for meeting the Jan 04 board?


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I'm in the Guard, took the tests . . . through an ANG Base the tests are only offered so often, but should have a good chance of taken one at an Active Duty base when you would like to.

Results at the latest are in within two weeks if you go to the website to get them.

I took the AFOQT while deployed, and after I was selected (while I was still deployed), I took the BAT when I returned home . . . called Andrews AFB and had the test scheduled for a week later.

I wouldn't say your screwed, may just be rushed a bit. They may reward you with an alternate slot for your efforts, and then the following board give you the slot once you have all your ducks lined up.

Hope this helps, good luck!


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Guys from my unit all say two weeks to get the results online.
As for scheduling, it'll depend on the location and what their schedule is. Most units don't require you to have your degree in hand if you are enlisted. Just that you can finish within a year from being selected. Good luck!