Horizon interview

Any updates on interviews? There seems to have been a clerical error and I've been offered an interview. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. Got a lot on my plate right now trying to get this sled upgrade done so I don't know if it'll happen right now, just trying to get a sense of what to expect.

I've got an interview next week, does anyone have any more recent experience that they could share? I'm wondering if the process has changed much in the last year or so, I'd like to be as prepared as possible.

The interview is really relaxed but professional.

The only real part to study for is the tech portion. They give you a sheet with departure and arrival weather and NOTAMs. Then they give you plates for the departure and arrival airport, along with an enroute chart. They give you fifteen minutes to look it over, and decide whether you can go or not. Then they ask you Jepp questions, and IFR questions. It felt more like the oral portion of the instrument checkride, but not nearly as intense.