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Hi from Southern California. My name is Cory, I am 15. I just wanted to stop by and say HI! Anyway, I just started flying out of KSNA, and hopefully I'll have my PPL before I end high school. I want to go to UM - University of Michigan, and recieve a BA in History, yea, I want to be a pilot, but who says you need a science degree to get hired. And it's my favorite subject anyway.
I want to fly for Pinnacle Airlines, then Northwest Airlines. My life-time goal is to fly left seat on the 757 for Northwest, but before enjoy a nice time on the Airbus

I enjoy flight sim, which I fly the PSS Airbus package only, if you don't know, this package as a 80% real panel, and features, and yes the MCDU is there, and works just like a real thing, and yes again, if you don't do something right, it won't start either, so I'm proud of being able to do that, hehe. I enjoy photography - go to jetphotos.net and search "Cory Klimko" for my photos. I like to cook, swim, the whole bit.

Thats about it, see ya'll later. Looking forward to posting here more often.
Yeah me too, I usually sit around, watch tv, blow something up, then play guitar. Add one more to the people from socal list, there are a lot, I am personally from Tustin.
Yep I know Tustin. I hail from good ole' Orange. Off of Tustin Ave.

But, for the record. SoCal SUCKS
. I absolutley hate living here. No affence
. I prefer the nice climate of Michigan, or formally my home state.
HA HA I am from Tustin too!! I would not say Socal was too bad - the twitching here is pretty damn good!
hey whats up. I go to Michigan. This place rules. Ann Arbor is the coolest town ever. John's even starting to come around to the hippie way of life. If one day you ever come up to visit, go spin the cube. If I've got my ppl by then i'll fly you around. We're only about 15 mins from ARB.

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I have a friend who goes to UMich - a smashing bird! She hates the weather there, but that is hardly surprising coming from CA.
Yea, you could expect that. 300 sunny days to 200 sunny days. And about 4 inches of snow in the winter a day, temps around 0. HAHA.
I went to UM, best years of my life, you'll love it there. I'm hoping to get a job at Mesaba or Pinnacle and move back to Ann Arbor. And, I'm hoping that I can work part-time at my old job, driving the buses through campus!

Study hard! UM's not easy to get into and you're at a disadvantage coming from out of state.

200 days of sun?? HA! It's more like 35.
I remember a winter with 60+ days of no sun and a week with the wind chill at -40F.

Get hockey tickets, old Yost Arena rocks!

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Hehe, yea, I hear it's pretty hard to get in. Whats the average GPA to get in?

Anyway, I am from Michigan, lived there for about 5 years, don't think that about help.

Do they let Freshmen live off-campus and apply for MI residence? But whatever happens, I'll still live in MI.
Skibum would know more about the current entrance requirements. I'd say to shoot for a 3.5 or better and great SAT scores.

I think freshmen can live off-campus, but every freshman is assumed to be living in a dorm. I'd recommend dorm life, 75% of college is living the college life and living in a dorm is a great way to start. And, you can find some roomies for your 8-bedroom house run by slum lords in the campus ghetto.

I think they have some rule against chaging to in-state resident while enrolled. I had a friend from Pennsylvania that spend 3 years in the dorms and then 4 years off-campus and he never got in-state tuition.
I just finished my freshman year at U of Mich. Ann Arbor, in the College of Engineering.

I got in with a 1350 SAT and 3.9 GPA (based out of 4.0 = 100%)

I'm from Pennsylvania. They won't let you live off campus and consider you in state. Some places, you can if you reside for a short period. Michigan is not one of them.
" twitching " good one! I figured it had something to do with women but thought " that hardly seems like socially acceptable behavior ", those who have spent much time around horses will understand.

Study REALLY hard man, Michigan is one HARD school to get into and even harder to stay in. To give you an example I have friends who had 3.7's and upper 20's on their ACT's and got turned down. But at the same time I know someone who got in with a 3.2 (and took easy classes in high school) and a 24 on her ACT. Who wants to guess which college she got into?

I am very much anti-University of Michigan most the time to be quite honest, but I am really starting to like Ann Arbor the more time I spend there (I'm dating skibum, BTW). My issue comes from Michigan fans, who I hate. Most of them didn't go to Michigan. For that matter, most of them don't even have a cousin that went to Michigan. What really turned me off was when Western Michigan University took our band to Ann Arbor when we played Michigan. Their band treated us wonderfully, they're some great people. Their fans threw stuff at us, swore at us and one had the guts to yell at us that he put razor's in our food. Needless to say a 320 piece marching band almost attacked about 50 people during the last game we played there.

Other than that it's a great school, I shoulda had my crap together back in high school and gone there...I also shoulda realized that I didn't need to major in aviation, but you live you learn.

Skibum might take a few days to reply, she's back home right now, going to a Tigers slaughter....I mean game tomorrow, and she'll be around tomorrow night or Monday.


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" twitching " good one! I figured it had something to do with women but thought " that hardly seems like socially acceptable behavior ", those who have spent much time around horses will understand.


[/ QUOTE ]

Oh no - twitching has nothing to the do with a twitch (if you are not familiar with horses, a twitch is a device used to squeeze and hold a horse a horses top lip used when a horse is misbehaving at the tie rail- for some reason it really calms them down and makes them behave).

Twitching is a saying for bird watching and in England we call girls birds - hence the fraze twitching. I can not imagine a girl would like being by her top lip!
Come on, I love socal! Good "twitching" nice weather, the beach, and snowboarding all within 2 hours of eachother, what could be better? I can't stand it being cloudy more than 4-5 days in a row. Personally, I want to go to USC but don't have the grades for it at all. Maybe Purdue...?