Health and Life insurance


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Was wondering what Full time students were doing for Life/Health insurance. I have recently lost military benefits as I have been separated for 4months. (The amount of time you get to keep bene’s before they drop you.) Will begin training as soon as the money issue is worked out. Yes, I do have USAA auto insurance but haven’t looked at them for life or health yet. I am single so do not have the opportunity to be insured through spouse’s employer like some of you. Who are you insured through? Thanks in advance.
I got hooked up with Fortis health insurance. I dont have a website but if you type in "fortis health insurance" on google im sure it will come up. I got the one that was $274 for 6 months. It is basically for people between jobs or providers and 6 months is the max. the deductable is $1000 but if something big happens you are covered up to like 2.2 mil or something. wont help you with your sinus infections or whatever but it covers your butt for the big stuff at an affordable price. Beats the heck out of Cobra too!

Oh yeah their phone # is 1 800 211 6906

may not be what you are looking for but it may be worth looking into?

good luck, Tim
I have BCBS. I'm paying $49/month, but I have a $7000 deductible. It will keep me from paying hospital bills if something major happens to me and that's my major concern. With the money I'm saving every month, I can afford to pay a Doctor out of my pocket once in a while.
I don't know about health insurance because when I was a CFI, I 'ran the gauntlet' and had no coverage at all.

However, when it comes to life insurance, we get the short end of the stick as pilots.

First, if you're a private pilot and use those privilidges, some companies won't cover you. Of course they'd cover a soccer mom with a cellular telephone surgically implanted in their ear driving a minivan 20 mph over the speed limit.

And if you're an airline pilot, they're going to want an entirely different package of information to ascertain your risk.