Hawaii Air Rescue


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Just saw this on TWC.

I just read this got a "green light" in July although one episode just had a "One Year Later" follow-up. So, with the talking to the camera, the follow up, HIPPA (can an incapacitated patient "ok" the filming?), and oh yea providing care to these critical patients, what's the likelihood this is staged? I'm sure the original events were real, but the footage?


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Film it. Couple weeks later get the proper paperwork done with the patient and offer to take care of some hospital bills. I don't think many people would turn down such an offer.

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From what I hear, some of the patients wouldn't sign. Some didn't care. Some footage staged, some actual events. I would like to see it though.


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I wanna watch "The Rez air rescue" episode

So that was the original plan. The film crew came out shot a lot of footage but were too scared of the things they saw on the Rez (not flying related). They also realised that Hawaii would make a show more suited to TWC, based on human interest hyped with ridiculous drama, rather than TruTV-style ODs and spousal abuse.


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I think one of the old SLC AMF captains is on tonight's episode, but isn't most of the pilots former AMF'ers anyway.


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I decided to give the show a try as I do enjoy several programs on TWC, especially Coast Guard Alaska. I think Coast Guard Alaska is a very well made program, and I actually own both seasons on iTunes.

I probably made it through about 10 minutes of Air Rescue Hawaii before changing the channel.


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I have a good friend who flies for HAR on the C90. I'll have to ask in the AM, or I guess PM for me, AM for him...


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Are any of the med crews named Victor Prinzi? Although, I think his his alter ego is more fitting based on what I saw on the show.