Got fed up and quit


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SMOKING, that is. 3 days ago. Today is day 3 of the rest of my much longer life (knocking on wood). Already, I feel I can breathe easier, my blood pressure and pulse are down about 10 points, I have super powers in taste in smell, and I'm not self-conscious about smelling like an ashtray.

I had no idea my car would even run without a cigarette in my hands!

At the current price in Missouri (and I know they're going up even more in a few days), I'll save around $2000 a year.

Wish me luck. I really think I can do this!
Congrats and good luck! :nana2: It may be hard now, but you'll thank yourself later.

KEEP that up!! you'll really enjoy the taste/smell thing... it's like new beginnings in that area of the senses!!

I always thought that those first few days were the worst. It does get easier as each day goes by. I actually used the first few days as motivation to stay on the wagon, telling myself that today will be easier than the first day I quit, and if I start up again I'm going to have to do those first miserable days all over again so...DON'T START BACK UP! I convinced myself that I did not want to do those first few days over, so I never started back up (that was after being a 2 pack/day smoker for over 10 years).

I quit on November 13, 1989. Tells you something that I still remember the date, doesn't it?
Hey, D, a thought occurred to are you going to spend all the money you'll save on cigs? Wine, men and song? :crazy: ;) :rawk:
Congrats! Keep up the good work.

I am with you as well. Day 10 for me.

With the prices on the rise here, it pushed me to the limit. The smell, the price, bad health, and did I say smell? I decided enough was enough.

I was embarassed to walk into a room with family members/friends because I knew they could smell the smoke. I would wash my hands probably 10 times a day, chew gum, use cologne...none of which would really mask the horrible smell.

Good luck and congrats on your decision. Remember, just because you slip up once or twice doesn't mean you should turn back to your old habits and give up on the progress you've made.
Another one lost to the Healthy Side. Flying jets, running, not smoking...What, do you want to live forever? Good luck, enemy mine! ;)
No offense to smokers, but I lol when it's the extra money that makes people give up smoking. So the increased risk for lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes, bad breath, no taste, yellow teeth/fingers, bad smelling, out-of-breath, standing in the cold for smoke breaks, and burn marks in everything you own wouldn't do it for ya? :D

Anyway, I applaud everyone who kicks the habit!