Freshmen w/ PPL+Instrument


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I know that UND is pretty strict about freshmen coming in with licenses/ratings. What is the procedure for integrating these students into the flight program? I'm definately going to be entering in August w/ both of the above tickets and I need to know what to expect. I was told that the school forces you to take the full PPL ground school (ugh) and flight program along with the instrument ground and flight courses. Its an understandable practice for standarization purposes. Just wondering people with licenses and ratings earned outside of UND usually move through the courses quicker or are they supressed with the ab initio students.

Oh yeah....

Do some of the flight courses have prerequsite status gateways (i.e only juniors, seniors)? I'm interested in taking summer session to start flight instructing with UND as soon as would be possible. I've heard rumors that some of the 400 level courses are reserved for only junior status students. I know that the CFI course is a 400 course so is it possible for a instrument rated freshman to transition to CFI by mid-sophomore year if he takes the required flight courses(commercial, beginning phases of CFI) in the summer session?

Congrats on getting your ratings so quickly. At this point here is what you can expect. With your PPL you will have to complete what is called the private pilote "test course". Basicly the test course is a short version of the regular Private course. The test course is aprox. 13 lessons. (the full course is 35 lessons) Like you said, the reason we do this is for standardization purposes.

If you havent already started the instrument course, I would not recomend doing so now. There is currently no test course for the instrument rating. By finishing your instrument rating you will not hurt your chances of being admited to UND however, we dont give credit for anything past the PPL.

As for flight course requirments, as long as you have the required courses completed it dosent matter what year you are.

The soonest you could be in the CFI course is the second semester of your second year.
That would require you to do 1 flight course in the fall one in the spring 2 in the summer and one the next fall. (not imposible but difficult)

Get those ratings and start instructing ASAP with a little luck you might have a job wating for you when you graduate.

Good Luck