found a pic of myself

Did they make you buy that pink shirt?

Kidding! Nice pic.

They actually gave them to us. Mooney were always really good about giving every employee a uniform shirt at every trade show so that we looked official (Napoleon Dynamite reference).
They were funny about not putting any logos on the shirts. As a consequence, I have 4 of them in my closet. They are nice shirts, too - Cutter and Buck. I've decided that I am going to get them embroidered with the name and logo of the company I've started up in since my layoff.

I have been unemployed about a month and am missing working with Mooney right now. That was a great job.

edit: I see now that you were probably referring to the ATC specialists there. I am not too bright until halfway thru my first cup of coffee.
I'm more impressed by the crews lack of following the after landing checklist!

I see corporate jets that always seem to miss something on their checklist. Most of the time they leave the spoilers up. Today we had a Citation XLS+ do just that.