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Ok so yeah Pan Am is more expensive (not as much as FlightSafey though!) and it might take longer than generic GA schools, but from what I could see, you also get about 100hrs more flying than the closest competitor, from the comparison I saw you finish up with about 360hrs or so, and if I'm going to be running up hours, Id rather be doing it in training than just doing solo cross county flights to get my time up.

And I don't expect it to be easy, the training they give you would be at a similar pace as the airline training you would get later, so might as well get used to it at an early stage I say.

<font color="green"> </font color> As for not being able to cancel flights, simple solution, just don’t miss any of them! (but hey I’m one of those people that hardly ever missed a day of school) I think most of these problems can be overcome, it just depends how committed you are. I also really like the idea of the route hour building where you bid on and run routes like you would for a airline, and with a co-pilot. I don’t know of any other schools that do that.


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I think the issue is not being allowed to cancel when the weather dictates a cancellation. Florida weather is something to behold. It's nice being able to cancel when you want to.



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"Ok so yeah Pan Am is more expensive (not as much as FlightSafey though!)"

Actually they both end up costing pretty similar money. I had enrolled at Pan Am and switched to Flight Safety at the last minute. The Pan Am estimates were all a bit low and did not include quite a few other costs. All of my FSI estimates were high and also had redundant costs built into them. I am about to finish my CFI (did everything other than PVT here) and my final cost is pretty darn close to what the Pan Am cost would have been. You guys have much nicer single engine aircraft though. Im guessing FSI ended up costing me a few grand more (maybe as much as 5k). (thats based on the Pan Am program that I had been enrolled in late last year which was similar to FSI, this was prior to the 141 loss)

Of course each program is different so you cant compare costs directly, but I used the same loan amount that I needed for Pan Am for my training at FSI.


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Just out of curiosity, your remark:

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What a loser --"sniff sniff, mommy, I can't fly because it's bumpy out and I can't hold my altitude"

Get a life sonny preferably in accounting or something where you won't be a danger to the rest of us.

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[/ QUOTE ]

Wow, an MEI with 700 TT, what a true hero you are!

And you can maintain your altitude when its bumpy? Must be those 300 dual given that makes you the man.

Your attitude is the true danger to "the rest of us" did you do on the CRM part?

Nothing like a CFI where the ink hasn't quite dried on the certificate yet, don't worry sonny, you will get there one day where you don't have to list your halfa$$ credentials to get credibility in front of students!!!!