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OK guys, I do see how the last one was a bit unfair to you. So here is your special message board. Complain away!
Ha, yeah or a temper. After a couple grand though, it seems a lot of people end up here.
Ahhh, sometimes I just feel like shouting, "You don't have to pay sixty thousand or take out an 80,000 loan to get your ratings! Especially to shady businessmen who aren't even pilots! Well congrats Fukoki, you got me started.
No, you dont have to pay $60,000 to get your ratings. This topic has been disscussed to death mavmb1. Why dont I see you in the FSI, or Comair forums, saying "you dont have to spend $60k to get your ratings."??? It cost that much to go there too!

The Turk.

P.S. It seems like everytime I post, mavmb1, your right there, "warning" me. I got the you can stop now.
Mr. Fuko are you trying to say that....

People don't want to listen to current student's praise Pan am but would rather hear former students complain about Pan Am..

if so then why isn't anyone complaining about FSI as much as Pan am.... don't answere that... two words " Good Rep "

I mean FSI students Praise FSI and their's no problem... But when a Pam am student says pan am is the bomb, then people start thinking hmhmhmhm.. Here goes a pan am Rep doing his Rep thing... trying to make the school look good.. If the school was good then it will show.. like FSI

having a Pan Board just for Pan am'er is as good as Having a Rep from the school Using this site for Marketing..

you don't see Rep's from FSI Bashing a Former student because that student was screwed.... If you got screwed I'm sure you'll do the same and tell others about your bad experience..

Comair, Skwest, Southwest, ACA, Delta, ASA, United and a few other Airlines have a good Rep. And people want to fly with those Airlines... Why ??? because Pilots are spreading the experience they had with that Airline. Not because they want people to joing

Do you hear Pilots from CCair and other Crapy Airlines that Management treats poorly praising their Airline.. nope Cuz that Airline is crapy... and other Pilots know that... so would you see crappy Airlines trying to build good Rep.. yeap...

Would you see a Good Airline/Flightschool try to build a good Rep when they already have a Great one.. nope..

so why try to build a good Rep when you don't have one... Cuz your Crap..... and you don't want to be Crap anymore...

so if Pan am has good Rep then it will show naturally/ eventually.. Screwing your pilots isn't going to give you good Rep.. cuz if i was Screwed..... I would let the Whole world know who Screwed me, and how they screwed me. So they don't get Fu*ked in the butt..

like i say Do me and I'll Do you :? ) ...
Well Flying Turkey, today was the first time I made a comment on your post, so I don't see how you say I'm always there. I've also only been trying to say everything Scorpio just said. I guess that last paragraph really sums me up, so reread it again if you want. I wouldn't wish my Pan Am experience on anybody; that's where I'm coming from. That, and I don't wanna see those crooks get any more money. Yep, I'm sorry I have to say that, but it's true. I hope they make some changes there, it does have potential to be a good school.
Mr. Scorpio
sounds like you speak from experience in taking it up the butt.

Well, the fact that FSI is so great does not help anyone who decided on pan am. We are here and need to do what is necessary to get done with the program. Just because you chose a different route does not mean that our choice is wrong. Keep in mind that nobody likes to feel like they are making a dumb decision. We are here and for many of us, this is where we intend to stay, so unless you have something to share with us that can be useful to our progress at Pan Am, maybe you should go share your opinions somewhere else.
Wow; I've been on jetcareers all night tonight! (I'm addicted! I'm addicted!) /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif I guess I haven't made comments on the other big schools because I haven't been to them myself. That, and there is only so much time in the day! Ha! Besides, I'm still of the opinion that you can save thousands and go the FBO route and get just as far in the industry. Of course, I could be wrong but it seems to be a general consensus from others I've talked to. Who knows.
/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif WOW....... Mr. Fuko...... that was a good one...

but.. I'm sure you read what I wrote..

P.s.. Pay attention to the " IF "

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cuz if i was Screwed..... I would let the Whole world know who Screwed me, and how they screwed me. So they don't get Fu*ked in the butt..

[/ QUOTE ]

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. Keep in mind that nobody likes to feel like they are making a dumb decision.

[/ QUOTE ]

Would you think you were making a Dum decision by Going to Delta instead of United or Southwest. nope..

Would you feel like you were making a dum decision taking out a 60K-80k loan to go to a Flight school .. when you can find a Great FBO and get the same Freaking rating as someone in a Big Flightschool, in less time with alot less cash ( $30,000- $40,000 less cash)
Yaaa Dam Riiight I'll feel Dum... but it doesn't mean your dum.. it just means your alot Braver than i am... /ubbthreads/images/icons/smirk.gif ..

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so unless you have something to share with us that can be useful to our progress at Pan Am,maybe you should go share your opinions somewhere else.

[/ QUOTE ]

Who's Progress would that be .. the Students or the Management???? /ubbthreads/images/icons/smirk.gif /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif ....

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
maybe you should go share your opinions somewhere else.

[/ QUOTE ]
maybe you need to go relax... I have nothing against Pan Am... ..

P.S.. sorry for miss spelling your name.. I edited it... /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

I'm sure that got you alittle mad.. so .. once again.. sorry for the mistake..
Yes, you could go the FBO route and get just as far. But for a lot of us, it would take too long. Flying and working full time, would lengthen the time to gain the ratings. For those making a career change near or over the age of 30, time is of the essence. So it's a trade off, the money for the shorter time frame. Even if you went to an FBO full time, you would still need to borrow money for the training, and living expenses, so you are still in debt for over $50k. If you are in your early twenties, go the FBO route and save money. Of all the things I have heard about Pan Am, one thing is constant: the instruction is very good.

As I have said in my other post, I am going to Pan Am in 3 weeks. I started posting now, so that other students looking for a school can see how I made my choice, and can follow along with my progress, GOOD or BAD, I will be honest.

Lets see if I have the same bad experience mavmb1 had. From the research I have done, and I have done a lot, Pan Am's administrative problems have been greatly improved if not all together corrected. So if your only beef against Pan Am is the money, your point has been made.

The Turk.
If you want to finish fast there are schools like ATP that take you through the ratings private to cfii, mei in three months. Now that is fast! Too fast I think, but I do agree, than at least then you are on the side where you are getting paid to learn. As for speed at Pan Am, people at the Phoenix FBOs were finishing much faster than we were and that was pissing us off. I already talked about that and everything else that was bothering me in my thread, Be Careful With Pan Am, which I am plugging now. Funny, I've yet to get any refutations to anything I said.

I know it's annoying when someone's always trying to give advice, and that's probably why I need to shut up now. Like others have said though, all the drama on these Pan Am threads keep bringing me back.
I finished my private at Pan Am in 10 weeks and with 83 hours. I attribute 90 percent of my cost overruns to the • flying conditions right now. It is fricken hot thus making the performance of the plane really bad and the ride really bumpy. In my opinion this made it hard to learn for a beginner. flying in smooth air is so much easier. I would recomend flying once it cools down.
What a loser --"sniff sniff, mommy, I can't fly because it's bumpy out and I can't hold my altitude"

Get a life sonny preferably in accounting or something where you won't be a danger to the rest of us.

Ex-Pan Am Student (MEI, 700 TT, 300 dual given)
yeah i think you are right fukoki. it is much better to learn in smoother air, because the air is
smoother much more then it is "bumpier".

P S: Please note the sarcasm.

No offence Fukoki. /ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif
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Ha, Been waiting to say that chant in here. Well, Fukoki's down. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif I guess he deserves a chance to get up now.