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For furloughees and military vets.


Hubschrauber Flieger
Non-flying! (Sorry!)

For furloughees, soon to be furloughees, or reverse career changers (like me), more of an FYI than a specific job posting simply because there are too many positions to list.

United Technologies Companies is actively hiring former military personnel into a wide variety of positions. UTC is #39 on the fortune 500 and owns:

Positions with these companies are very competitive and are difficult to break in to. The benefits, however, are superb and industry leading. (Full relocation assistance, fully funded education assistance, $10k bonus for earning a degree, etc...)

These guys love military veterans. There are lots of jobs listed on each company's individual site, but the best way for vets to go about this would probably be with a military headhunter. You can PM for details.