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Yeah, maybe I should label it the...I am extremely bored and want an outlet while I wait for my FOL thread.


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Ever have those days where you feel like you have called your HR rep too many times?
Hahahahaha!! I personally felt the same way but this past Thurs persistence paid off and my HR rep gave me verbal confirmation with an email FOL for Aug 26th.... Packet will arrive this coming week. Hope this helps to keep you motivated!! Best of luck!! :buck:


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I usually take my camera out on the town searching for the appropriate moment to convey the type of image I am looking for in my post. Then I usually upload it and edit it as appropriate and post it on here.


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On a serious note,

I emailed my POC today and he told me that all my clearances are in (no news in good news) and that he is just waiting on my class date for TRACON.


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Don't read this unless your just curious about my venting...I am just trying to stay sane.

Well, I am coming up on my one year anniversary of working temp jobs soon. I took temp work when I moved to Houston last year because I was basically waiting to get my AT-SAT date...I never would have guessed that I would be waiting an entire year to get into this job...

My thought process was that I could not commit at least a year to a future employer since I was waiting for this job. So, I took some temp work. And here I am banging away on this keyboard looking at MIND NUMBINGLY SIMPLE PAPER/DATA ENTRY/LOSING MY MIND work. Thinking, I could have been turning a wrench on some aircraft this whole time while I wait....oh well, you win some you lose some. One year, I don't mind waiting one year...its just that I wish I had known so I could have worked somewhere a little more fulfilling. At this point in time, I literally feel like the main guy in Office Space, I come into work...and just stare at a wall sometimes while this mountain of out dated files wait to have their turn to be keyed into a goofy database system. I just need a date...thats all I ask...just a date. It could be next year, I don't care just give me a date pls.

ok, I'm done

I see the hour glass...