flying nightmares


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My dreams of flying always start off great. Several times I have had the same ending of dodging power lines flying at 5,000 feet. The poles just start coming up from below. The last one like this I had ...I sliced the line with the prop and some how it came through the windscreen and slapped me in the face with no damage done to the windscreen at all. :crazy: Then I woke up suddenly.

Dear Abby, what can I do? lol.

Anyone else dodging 5,000 foot poles and power lines in their dreams?
No, I just dream that instead of Chuck Norris landing a 747 I am and this time I don't hit a park car with my landing gear.
I had one once that I was flying a Piper Cub in an indoor skiing mountain (wtf) and I clipped some power lines. The snow turned in to swamp ooze as soon as I fell out of the sky. Then an Imperial Star Destroyer flew over chasing the Rebel Cruiser. I know, my dreams are ####ed up.

I wasn't a happy camper when I woke up. Then I flew 4 uneventful hours that day! :).
I used to get bad flying dreams a lot, back when I was flying in more-shall we say-interesting conditions, now, not so much.
Sometimes I dream I'm still flying for a living and wake up drenched in sweat after opening my paycheck. Talk about a nightmare! :panic:

Had one where I was hanging out at the local airport.. The airport/FBO/flight school owner (who's a pretty lax guy, even in real life) asked if I wanted to go for a ride in a 152. "Sure!"

We load up the 152, but for some reason there's a bench-type seat in behind the two front seats and there are three people sitting back there. "Oh, we can fit one more. Squeeze in!"

So, off we go, barreling down the 2,000 ft runway with five people in a Cessna 152. About halfway down the runway, we start to get airborne, but suddenly veer off to the left and crash into a hangar building.

Lesson learned: Never fly a 152 loaded with five people.
When I was working on my private at an airport in the DC ADIZ I had one where I was flying and realized I wasn't talking to anyone, turning to leave and hoping to not get intercepted.
A lot of the CFI's where i work talk about wretched dreams they have, ending up crying and contemplating ripping up their certs.

I guess the dream entails me being their student...

I think I have told this here before,,,,, We had been putting in loooong hours at the ag strip and I had found a little time to take a nap. The loader guys waited till they knew I was positively asleep and snuck in and started throwing some tree branches and leaves and stuff at me while yelling "PULL UP! PULL UP! PULL UP! I heard that and saw the "trees" and thought it was all over.:)
had a dream the other night where i lost the engine while practicing acro in a decathlon then managed to not only fly the plane to the ground very nicely, but land it INSIDE the maintenance barn.

My one bad flight dream I had was I was a passenger on an air carrier flight, KLAS to KPHX. And apparently, the new 121 style of flight includes scud running not more 10-20 feet off the ground. Being a pilot and knowing the training the guys up front had, I was just fine with this. My friend was in the seat in front of me, wasn't so fine. He started talking nonsensically and getting quite crazy. I kept telling him "It's fine, this is normal, this is how airplanes fly." Well I was looking out the window and noticing we just crested the peak of a mountain and were now "sliding" down the back side of the mountain at an altitude barely clearing the trees. As I'm looking outside, I notice the left wing clip a tree at what had to be 500 kts GS. (91.117 doesn't apply in this alternate world apparently, but we should know FARs mean nothing in that world since 91.119(a) is clearly ignored) At which point the dream went into slow motion, as I would imagine would happen should you be faced with your own imminent death. I start to see the left wing drop and just crumble upon itself as it flies right into the ground. Because it has been a second or two since initial impact with the tree and the wing dropping, no one in the cabin noticed this so far, except me. I just looked forward, hearing children laugh as fire, in slow motion, just engulfs the entire aircraft. I promptly woke up in a cold sweat, panting, at just how vivid this dream had been. When I went into school, it was the day I was to do my long cross country flight for my instrument rating, I choose not to tell my instructor about the dream, until we were up at cruise altitude.:rotfl:
My bad dream did not even involve flying, but marshaling instead. The aircraft did not seem to heed my signals to stop, and I guess I could not back up either. Needless to say, I woke up right before I was going to be turned into chop suey!
I've had one a few times where I'm a passenger in a helicopter and we lose our tail rotor

That would suck. Did you wake up feeling like you were going to puke after all the spinning?

I had a dream I was flying a 172 through my college campus about 20-30ft off the ground. I was trying to dodge power lines, trees, and actual buildings. I woke up in a sweat after that one...
Ive had a few.

My favorite (and only thing I can remember in detail) I was flying a glider, got thirsty, and I didn't have any water, so I bailed out to go get some. Then started panicking as I realized I had no way of getting back up into my glider. :crazy:
Worst one I've had was my company hired a guy I used to fly with that I hate and I was going to be flying with him permanently, the Lear I was in had all the controls in different places and I could not find the approach plates to the airport we were about to begin our decent into.

Not fun.