For Sale Flying Club Membership - Minneapolis area (KMIC)


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All, it's come time to sell my flying club membership. Between instructing and flying checks I simply haven't had the need, time or desire to use one of our aircraft in well over a year.

So, for sale is one share in the Yankee Flying Club. We're based at the Crystal airport (KMIC) and own 2 172s, a 182RG and an older Cirrus SR-20.

All the airplanes are in fantastic shape with G430s (all WAAS upgraded), Garmin audio panels, etc... The 182RG (my favorite airplane in the fleet) and SR-20 have STec 30 autopilots with altitude hold and GPSS.

More info about the club and airplanes at (Note that the prices on the website are out of date and reflect the higher fuel prices from this summer.)

Monthly dues are $95 and cover fixed costs (hangars, insurance, database updates, annuals, etc...). Wet rates are $88/hr for the 172s and $126/hr for the 182RG and SR-20. The Cessnas are charged on tach time, the Cirrus on Hobbs.

I've been extremely pleased with the club, we're in solid financial shape and have been in existence since the late '60s. I used the airplanes to do my instrument, commercial and CFI as well as for personal travel. Being a club, you can schedule an airplane for a week or longer with a low (1-hour) daily minimum. It's a great deal if you have the need.

If I recall, I paid around $3,500 for my share five years ago or so and would be looking for something in that range. The airplanes have all been upgraded since then and the liquidation value (i.e., take what everything is insured for, our cash reserves, etc... and sell it) works out to around $6,000/share.

It is an equity club, which means you own 1/65th of all the assets.

There are 65 shares in the club. Of those, a third or more NEVER fly, another third fly maybe 10-20 hours a year and the remaining third flies more than that. Scheduling an airplane has almost never been a problem.

Thanks for looking and shoot me a PM if you're interested. I'd be happy to show you around the club and if you buy my share I can throw in a club check out as a deal sweetener. (Within reason. A couple of hours in the 172s, no problem. Doing checkouts in all four airplanes, well, we'd have to negotiate something there. :) )

Thanks again!