Dornier Training Update


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This post contains two items:

1. Update on my Do 328 Jet transition class
2. United related rumors

We just finished the first week of our transition class.

The first day consisted of advanced CRM and emergency situations. This is always interesting because you learn about some actual emergencies that have occurred and how they were handled.

The majority of the time was spent on crew briefings. ACA places a heavy emphasis on crew briefings, especially takeoff, arrival and approach briefings. At our company, the PF briefs the takeoff and arrival (landing) and the PNF briefs the approach. We were told that this is somewhat unusual since many companies consider such briefings to be the full province of the captain (if so, I'm getting good captain training).

We also had a review course in General Operational Subjects (GOS). This includes company policy, 121 regs, the op specs, etc. We had a full week of this in initial training. The GOS course concluded with a (multiple guess) test.

Concluding that, we started Systems this morning. The Dornier seems like a really cool airplane. They are only 1-2 years old compared to the J41s which were 5-6 years old (although anything with a prop is assumed to be DC3 vintage. A passenger once asked if we just welded the bomb bay doors shut after the war.

It's a fully electric airplane with the same Honeywell avionics that you find in a 777. It has been known to have climbed to 3000 by the time it reached the departure end of the runway. It climbs fast, but we are speed limited at altitude by fuel efficiency and structural considerations. It's still faster than a J41 though (and they say that the reports of bird strikes to the tail are much exaggerated

2. We heard the news about UAL's deal with Trans States the other day. Frankly I can't say I'm surprised. I expect Chatauqua to pick up the remaing unaccounted for UAL RJs.

The rumors that I've heard are that UAL was being totally unreasonable. Rumor has it that they wanted to phase us out in 5 years and hold us to a completion factor including weather that is impossible to achieve in the northeast.

However, I've also heard that management is "giddy." They don't seem to be worried at all. I think that they have deal to fall back on. What it is I don't know, but my money is on Virgin.
Thanks for the update! There's another guy who is starting out in S340 training for Chicago Express and it's great to follow both of your experiences in the regionals. Good luck!