couple of questions about PA


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I'm sure you guys get tired of the same ol' questions. But this board is a really good resource, so here goes and thanks for any input you can give.

1. Whats a realistic total cost for the program?

2. Is housing included?
a. If so, what are the living conditions? Private or
shared rooms?
b. If not, what is the rent like at the Ft. Pierce

3. Are books, charts, and plates included in the cost?

4. Whats a realistic timeframe for completion from instruments through CFI, CFII, MEI? I know it says that it takes 14 months. Do they mean that the program is 14 months long? Or do they include time spent as a flight instructor?

I couldn't find answers to these questions on the website, so maybe someone could answer them for me. Its just hard trying to make up my mind on where to go to. So any information about Pan Am that you could give would be great.
Ok heres some info, and maybe other students can put their input.

As far as a realistic cost, it really depends on the student, as Im sure you could imagine. The price they quote for the whole program is about 53,000. For myself and from other people I have talked to, I would figure about 5-10% cushion. But again, it all depends on how you apply yourself.

The housing is not included. They do have dorms on campus if you choose to live there. They have 4 Bedrooms with there own bathroom and 2 twin beds. Most likely you will get a roommate. But you do have the choice to pay extra and have the ROOM to yourself, but you still share a common living area. The prices Im not totally sure of, I believe that it costs around 500 to share and 600 for a single. I would consult the website to confirm.

As far as living off campus, some students live in Ft Pierce, and some live in Vero. I live in Vero and pay around 400 for a 1b apartment. Those I know that live in Ft Pierce pay a little bit more, only because they live close to the ocean. In Ft Pierce, you pretty much have no choice other to live by the beach, or else you live in the ghetto. Vero is a little nicer as far as overall housing.

As far as books etc.. When I started, I bought all the books I would need. It included current charts/AFD and other time sensitive needs. It ran me just under 1000. Remember that sectionals expire every 6 months and afd/jepp/nos charts every 2 months. Also, the cost of the headset is extra as well as uniforms. Plan on spending at least 300 for a headset and uniforms are 15 per shirt and you can get the pants somewhere else for cheaper, about 20 per pair.

I started Pan Am in January 2001. I will be done with Private through MEI in Febuary. The 14 months that they quote does not include instructing time. And I will let you know that a pool is starting to form as far as instructors go. However this is not uncommon to any other flight schools.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask any more questions......
i've already left the school but heres what i know. when i started in Feb. i was quoted near $54,000, and that was before the price increases which i believe make it more near $57,000 for tuition.realistically its going to cost you $60,000+. before i left i was estimating $60,000 give or take a grnd if i would have stayed. cost does not include books, uniform, FAA check rides, housing, or anything really outside of flight time and ground schools. it does include your written tests though. as for buying books, they have a book pack that costed about $700-800 but it is NOT A GOOD IDEA to buy this. many of us who did had huge problems gettng outdated books replaced. some of the essential PTS's and what not were updated and many got stuck with old usless copies. i left after comm multi and got stuck with a few outdated PTS and study guides. its just as easy to buy them as you need them, at least in terms of those books and references that get updated from time to time. i'm of course not talking about charts and what not because those update regularly as stated in the earlier post.

i lived in Fort Pierce, bought a condo and lived for about $500 a month with mortgage and condo fees. same price as campus but i'm recovering my money by selling the condo, and if lucky make some cash. was told one person did the same but on the beach and when that person sold their place to move back home they made enough profit on the condo to pay for their entire tuition while at Panam.