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Unauthorized landing at PBIA raises security fears.
February 12, 2003

An unauthorized landing at Palm Beach International Airport's main runway Wednesday afternoon sent security personnel scrambling and led to the arrest of a student pilot from Pompano Beach. The pilot was arrested after being questioned and failing a sobriety test.

Investigators tell Newschannel 5's Jay Cashmere the pilot landed on runway 9/27 without communicating with the tower and created a potentially dangerous situation. Runway 9/27 is the main runway used by large commercial aircraft. Officials say at no time were other planes or passengers in danger. No reason has been given for the unauthorized landing in a Cessna 172 single-engine airplane registered to American Flyers of Pompano Beach. Palm Beach International Airport is on heightened alert following last week's alert declaration by the office of Homeland Security.

from WPTV

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they showed the mug shot of this guy on the news tonight. a real winner.

Good lord...

It's interesting that American Flyers couldn't pick up on the fact that this guy wasn't sober when they checked the aircraft out to him. I guess he was drunk enough to land at the wrong airport, but still sober enough to land without killing anyone...

It's crap like this that gives GA pilots a bad name...
Great! Now when we go to tell the TSA, look, there is no reason why pilots should be forced to land at a special airport for inspection before they fly near DC, they'll just point to this and say that it's why it needs to be done. Of course, a drunk idiot will just go and fly in anyway, but try explaining that to the TSA.