Commercial passed


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So took the CSEL ride today and passed. Oral was straightforward - Maintenance stuff, Wake Turb, LAHSO Ops, Usual Airport and Airspace stuff, W&B problem, Wx was limited to me giving the DPE a brief on the conditions, Medical and Comm privilages, Systems (mostly LG), Emergency (gear extension).

Ride started with Short/Soft T/O Lndg + Pwr off 180, Go Around, and then into the XC. Strictly P/DR (GPS covered up/turned off) to the first waypoint, Diversion, VOR tracking, then Slow Flight, Stalls, Steep Turn, Chandelle, Pylon and back to the field for a no flap lndg. Think that's about it.

Anyone looking to hire a CSEL guy with 254 hrs? No? Ok, will get working on the CFI/ME/MEI so.
Another Bostonian* with a CSEL haha! Congrats! :nana2:

*I'm from Cambridge which is sort of like Boston... :p
Congrats, did you take the ride with Nathanson? the SSGT will be so proud.

Thanks, I took the ride with Ray (flying out of PYM for the IR and Comm - easier on the wallet than Hanscom!). Are you working in BED or ASH? Will be up in ASH for the Aviation Expo start of May - looks like they have some good seminars lined up.