Combat Flight Sim V3.1 tonight?


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Anyone interested in playing around 9:00pm AZ time (11:00pm Eastern/10:00pm Central/9:00pm Mountain/8:00pm Pacific)?

I'll try and host the game thru the internet named "Jetcareers" with a password of "aileron".
Doug!!! oh no!.. you have been tricked! fallin into the Micro$oft machine.

Put that silly "game" away!
and goto

And GET!! Forgotten Battles!! IT is the absolute, end all , be all of current WWII AirCombat simulation software! It also achieves all of this with Greater graphics, as well has Higher Fidelity Flight Modeling

Dont walk.. dont ..... but RUN!! to the store and get this software...

This obviously applies to everyone here... who is willing to have only the Best Software
Yeah, if I had version three I'd be glad to join you.

But all ive got is version one.

I'm probly going to be getting it in a couple days though if you were going to make this a regular thing.

UAL747 dont do it.. seriously..

Take a Hard look at also, the many who have followed the combat flight sim series from microsoft have been sorely dissapointed with their newest release as it is extremely unrealistic, and buggy. Check the message boards to see the litterally thousands that have seen how CFS3 is a flop.

for the best out there right now.. and what has pretty much changed the way in which combat flight simulations are now measured look to....
You know what.

Im going to have to probly change my mind. I went to there site and the game play reminds me of that old game."Aces Over Europe". That game had the best game play ive ever seen.

The graphics werent to bad for the time either (back when I was in 5th grade).

Thanks Perpetual.

mmm, well I was thinking about getting CFS since I never had an interest in those kind of games till I got addicted to that stupid fighter ace II demo (which I am sure sucks compared to other stuff) that hopped onto my computer after I installed msfs2002. I am going to be getting a WWII sim in the next week but I doubt I would be able to link up with you doug with my phone line internet. but if im wrong then "I call the corsair!"
If anyone's interested, I'll probably start goofing around a little early, and if no one's on by 9:15 (mountain time) or so, I'll probably take my ball and go home! ha!
I'm bad too.

Big, large radius turns on the verge of stalling.
hey Doug, a couple of us tried to get into the one you hosted but it wouldnt let us. We made a new one- Jetcareers2...password is still aileron....hopefully we'll see you there!
well...Doug, EatSleepFly and I had a clinic in butt kicking last was a good time..hope to see more of you in there this week....
Doug, sorry wasn't able to join your little air battle. I couln't get a good connection. Maybe I can sweet talk the wife into getting DSL. Anyways I really wanted to get in there to turn and burn, kill everone and become the JC ACE!
Big, large radius turns on the verge of stalling.

[/ QUOTE ]

Hint: Keep it at Va.

Also the type of aircraft you're using will dictate the terms of the fight. In general most of the U.S. aircraft will be better suited to a "Boom and Zoom" fight. Meaning get above your victim.. err target and come down on him take a firing pass (boom) and then climb up and out, preferably into the sun (zoom). Come around and do it all over again. The last thing you want to do, as a pilot of a B&Z, in a fight with a knife fighter (explained a little later) is get into a knife fight with him. The U.S. aircraft will take a beating and they like to fly fast and straight.

The German and more so the Japanese aircraft are more suited to the knife fight (dogfight). If you're flying one of these aircraft your goal will be to draw the B&Z guy into a turning battle and suck his energy out. Once the B&Z gets slow his only option is to dive and run to try and re-establish control of the fight.

Now, of course, the exception. If you're fighting against a similar (or the same) aircraft you can, at your will, use any technique you want because the aircraft are matched in performance. But if you're doing the classic US. v Germany, Japan then you want to fly to the strengths of your aircraft and exploit the weaknesses of your opponent.

Altitude is engergy, enrgey is speed, speed is life!

If anyone is really into this stuff Robert Shaw has a book called "Fighter Combat" published by the Naval Press. Very good read on the theories and practices of aerial combat.

But remember this, if you only remember one thing, don't shoot until your target fills your entire gun sight!