BIG NEWS --> SWA hits Philly


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You heard it here folks ... 1PM today, Southwest Airlines is holding a press conference to announce that they'll begin flights to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in the spring. Story available online from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Well, it's about time. Now great low fares hit philly to vegas. Nice!! Since I'm from philly, the closest airport to hitch a SWA flight is Baltimore. That's at least a 2.5 hour drive to catch a flight. Not worth it in my opinion. Nice to hear I'll have another option when I decide on a sinful weekend to vegas!
I am also VERY surprised at them going to PHL. But, it makes me happy! I can't wait to see those orange and blue jets down there.

Well, it's about time. Now great low fares hit philly to vegas.

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I didnt even look to see who wrote this post, but as soon as I read it i had a feeling it was you.

Before you leave pm me your email address and dan's.

For all the talk about SW being a "discout" carrier, I've found that I can usually do much better with Continental or even Delta (with internet fares). SW only seems to be cheap when I'm going one way.

Last year I flew about 14 round trips from MCO-IAH/HOU and MCO-AUS (parents and finacee living in houston/austin), and only once was SW the cheapest. CO and SW are strong in all 3 cities, but CO consistently seemed to beat SW by $50 or so on fare. And they give you a sandwich and sometimes movies/video games!

Now I'm married so I'm not flying to Austin nearly as much - I can spend that money on my flying!
Are they going to "sooak it up like'a sponge?"

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