Best Airline to Fly For?


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First of all I know that it isn't realistic at this moment in time to pick and chose between airlines, so don't flame me for this.
What airline do you think would be the best to fly for? Make your choice based upon job security, equipment, routes, etc. I just wanted to see everyones opinions.


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Skywest for a regional

Southwest for a major

or anyone that will hire me - the further west the better.


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If you're talking major airlines, I would say American, Continental, Delta, or Southwest, since they all have Texas domiciles. Continental and Southwest would be my first two choices based on quality of management, labor-management relations, and financial outlook.

Remember that each person has a hundred different reasons for making the choice they make. For some, a "good" job has to do with earnings potential. For others, it's equipment, domicile location, ease of commute, family considerations, or a hundred other things. Plus, it all comes down to WHO WILL HIRE YOU when the time comes.



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Like someone else depends on personal preference.

But for the sake of discussion i'll go ahead and give my theory. From the feedback i've heard in general, the fact that I grew up around their largest hub as a little kid, and how its generally a special airline for me deep down I would have to say Continental.

US Airways and American are also special to me as well. Basically these are the three airlines i've flown the most throughout my life so far.

But in reality, I will work for any airline that hires me.


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my worthless opinion:

job security: SWA
routes: NW
equipment: Delta or Continental
hubs: UAL or AA

If I had a choice I would fly for Northwest. But I will fly for anyone. Or at least anyone that will hire me.


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The one that'll be there by your 60th birthday!

Quite honestly, when I was looking for a regional job, I cavassed everyone. When I started looking for jobs at a major, I canvassed everyone as well, but more or less targeted UAL because they had the biggest jets, the shortest upgrade time and big west coast bases.

But then I got hired at Delta, many of my friends thought I was nuts because UAL was having 3 year 737 captains and 777 FO's that were still on probation.

The same people that thought I was nuts for staying at Delta now think I'm a smarty, but considering the 'ebb and flow' of the profession, it'll eventually change again.


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Freight is Great...

I wanted to work for Alaska or United. Never could get an interview at either one. Got turned down by Henson, Horizon, Continental, and World Airways. Got hired by UPS and WestAir at the same time. The rest is history....


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Well fer me I'd have to say Delta is my no.#1 choice then Continental.

I like Delta and Continental for about the same reasons. The equipment that they fly there route systems and there bases.

I really like the southeast with all it's green lush environment. So Dallas,Atlanta or Houston would be great.

But like everyone says anyone who hires you. I truly wouldn't mind working for any major.

But I do have my favorites.



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I'm with DE72UPS...

Freight companies are quite stable and operate some great equipment.

FedEx is my first choice because its hub is in the South. UPS would also be great.


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The one that you would want to be sitting in the back of if you were a fare paying passenger (in any class).

It's a service industry, and I believe that those that will remain will be those that recognize it's not about moving lumps of metal through the sky, but about moving customers from place to place. The best measure of this, is how you are treated when you are one.

Some may say that I might be arguing against the low cost carriers here, but I don't believe that is the case. The LCC market is valuing their customers by providing cheaper airfares (or fare structures) provided the customer doesn't mind accepting a reduced level of service. Frankly I've flown on a number, and I don't mind. I expected less, and to be honest got a lot more than I expected!

Sounds like it might be a bit of a cop out, and there are career decisions to be made too... but ultimately, you are the one that will be the customer service figurehead of that airline when you finally make it to Captain. Think about those airlines that you avoid flying with, and ask yourself if you would want to be in that position.

As everyone has said though... there are ideals, but we still have to eat

... IMHO anyway (I'm a potential career changer btw, and fly nothing that doesn't have a fan in the front at the moment


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Best airlines to fly for would definitely be United & Qantas =

Best routes
Largest passenger aircraft with Qantas to get even larger with the A380!!!
4 engines to play with instead of 2.

Somewhat almost decent pay at each
Both very professional, and classy airlines
The only airlines to fly non stop between the Australia and the U.S

But if I ever get offered a seat a major airline, no matter what airline it is, I would definitely take the seat if I didn't make it to one of the airline/s that I listed above first.

Southwest airlines *spew* would be the last airline I'd apply at, however.



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The one that you would want to be sitting in the back of if you were a fare paying passenger

[/ QUOTE ]

Southwest, Baby....Southwest!!!! They're just sooooo cool!!! Don't get me wrong...I'll fly for Satan if he hires me, but I love Southwest!!


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It's interesting. People are all over the board as far as the big leagues go, but there seems to be a large amount of agreement that Skywest is the best regional. Seeing as my only experiences with them included an aborted takeoff off the end of the runway at Jackson WY, I wonder what people like them for. (Not that I blame them for the quasi crash... Just that I really don't know anything else about them.) Are they well managed, good route structure, good pay?