Beerhaus...4pm...Friday...VEGAS! Get ready to AVIATE!


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It's time...for us to NetworkJC, once again!
We'll be meeting up starting at Beerhaus at 4pm on Friday HAPPY HOUR (which goes from 2-6pm)!

The rest of the weekend is "go with the flow". There's essentially no set schedule, no official gatherings...we just meet up, get our steps in, bar crawl, eat, hang out, make new friends, mentor and enjoy some Vegas fun. This weekend will be a riot with all the costumed people going to/from halloween parties along the strip! :stir:

4pm is when we're thinking will be a good time to snag some seating at Beerhaus and enjoy a few adult beverages on a less expensive dime.

Apparently, it's located in The Park which is near NYNY
Here's the address: 3784 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


Best way to contact us is through the GroupME app which JEP put up on another thread under the NetworkJC sub-forum.

If you're new and have not been to an NJC, please don't be shy...we don't bite...we welcome all, have a ton of fun and you will walk away with new friends and mentors! it's practically guaranteed year after year! We've been doing this fun annual event since 2003. So, please feel free to join us. :)

Also, if you don't yet know an app and teach yoself cuz we hope to have the group take over a craps table again IF we can find a craps table that doesn't have too high of a crappy minimum. :p

See you there!