Anyone here got some warbird time?


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I was just looking at all the various ads were you can fly a warbird (ie T-34) and do dogfights and stuff, just wondering if anyone has flown any of those military prop planes, in the service or private. I would imagine they would make flying a cessna look like a peice of cake in comparison.
I have a bunch of T-6 time ( SNJ-4 actually) Wife and I are thinking about buying in partners on one.
I saw an ad awhile back about a checkout in a P-51. I think it was down in FL somewhere. It's probably closed up due to insurance by now but man - talk about a convo piece!
Used to fly T-34s a lot years ago with a buddy of mine. He actually got his commercial rating in one of them I believe. T-34 is a very easy to fly plane. Take a solid bonanza, take out a couple seats, narrow it up a bit, and I'd guess a bit lighter, and that is basically what a T-34 ends up as. Was quite a while ago, about 10 or 15 years I'd guess. I do remember it was $34 and hor for the 34. Was the Monterey Navy Flying club, I think they still have one of those planes running, and I'm sure prices have gone way up. I do recall all 3 of them they had there leaked out about a quart of oil every 5 or 10hrs. Could always tell if someone was flying over, as you could see the oil on the belly

I have .6 hours in a SNJ-4. Went up in one back in May. Did some loops and rolls. I had a blast! The place in Florida that has the P-51's that you can fly is called
Stallion 51. They are still around.
Wow Eagle, where does all your money come from? either corporate pilots get paid a lot or you've done some good investing in the past! I like planes but I can see myself buying a boat before I ever buy plane.
Wow Eagle, where does all your money come from?

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Inheritance, Good jobs, wife and myself, pension (for me) **NO KIDS** buying a Butload of WMT at split adjusted price of 15$ helps.

But we may buy another house before we buy another plane. besides I want to fly a T-28, and then decide if a T-6 is the way to go or not. I think the T-28 is far far cooler!!

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Ahh, that would explane it, no college tutions to pay lol