Anyone have any photos of FSI?


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Just wondering if anyone who attends FSI or has been there has any photos of the facilities that they could post?
If you're lucky enough, a Flight Safety ad will appear every once in a while above, if you click on it you'll get to the Flight Safety Academy web site.

Or you can just click on Flight Safety Academy
they have a very good site in my opinion.
I have several photo's. How do you post them? If someone tells me how I will put a few on the post...ILS
LOL...A few posts, I thought you were making the next brochure for FSI back when you took them all.
You should take CLR4ILS up on it, he has some cool pics.
I think you have to link to the photos.. If you dont have them on the web then I'm not quite sure. If you cant get them up maybe you could send me a few? I sent you a pm with my email... appreciate it. thanks.
Hear here.

I also graduated from CU in 92. Forget the flat irons, I miss Vail, Copper and A Basin. I just moved to Vero and its nice too. Very different but nice.

I think CU is a bizarre school. I meet a lot of lost soles that graduated from there. Just about every alumni I know has changed careers, moved across the nation, etc. Maybe the altitude makes us do crazy things.
I miss the skiing as well, nothing like walking to class in shorts and a T- shirt in the morning, then making powder turns at Eldora in the afternoon.

Also miss the Sink, Disco inferno at the Fox, Happy hour margs at the Rio, Abo's pizza, tubing the creek.........ect.
Sounds like quite a few CU alum here. We should get together to talk about school. Too bad the fottball team sucks now.