And we thought offshore MRO's were bad


Queso King
Potentially Unqualified Mechanics Brought To U.S

"...reporting that industry insiders told them that some of the companies are so eager to save money that they have overstated the qualifications of many mechanics from Mexico, The Philippines, Chile, and other places. The mechanics are hired to work on commercial airliners at San Antonio International Airport. Some are reportedly temporary workers picked up on a special bus provided by San Antonio Aerospace (SAA)."

A former judge in Dallas told the station that the companies involved could potentially face serious questions.
Oooooo serious questions, how scary.

When someone dies it will stop. Until then, business as usual.
Race to the bottom, man. Race to the bottom.

Very sad, but it's unfortunately what is to be expected.
I worked there for two years.

The pay was terrible, the equipment was worse, and there were so many idiots working there it was scary.