“Airnoise” device


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That’s what I don’t get about most of these complainers. Do they never fly, or just complain when they don’t, but once they’re using it, it’s ok since it’s convenient for them?


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And in 6 months, there will be some old lady wondering why her ticket costs went up and there are less flights...they will form a committee on that is well.


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Well, it's like PHX. Everyone bitches about the noise, but they're too lazy to drive to Mesa-Gateway or Tucson in order to vote with their wallets.

Sportbitching about airplane noise is fun for some people.

The inventor is disingenuous. He was more than fine with unbaffled military jets when it professionally and financially suited >>>HIM<<< but now that he's out of the business, "it's noisy".


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We're fortunate at TPA - every time someone from South Tampa ($$$) complains on a public forum, the public usually shouts them down with gusto. People here at least get that folks who buy a house between an international airport and an USAF base lose the right to complain.

I laughed when this guy talked about how the Airport has responded by forming committees and hiring consultants. It's all a show - it's not as if we can tell planes where to fly.


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And you can order more laundry detergent at the same time. Win-win.


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On the flip side, the technology has helped us as well, as now we have software that can generate an automated reply including what aircraft was nearest during the time of the complaint. That way we don't waste actual human time responding to these.


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There is a retired Army idiot that bought land near a military training area and now constantly complaints about the helicopter noise!! Worse yet, the Army changed their training routes just so this **** would stop calling his Congressional friends to complain. This is asinine!