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I am starting an internship with United Airlines out of Houston TX starting in August. I was hoping to stay proficient and continue flying while down there. Does anyone know what airport would be the best to rent a GA aircraft out of. I was looking at KEFD, KDWH...

would anyone be able to recommend a good airport and FBO for me? Thanks!


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Both KEFD and KDWH have their pros and cons.
KDWH is a well maintained FBO with a large aviation community. People are very friendly and helpful. The only downside when compared to KEFD is the surrounding areas can be kinda boring. There is lake Conroe to the north, but other than that there is nothing but trees.
KEFD is a dull airport and old airport. The aviation community isn't as close knit as Hooks. You have a couple of flight academies and a lot of newbie pilots training during the week and weekends. NASA uses, or "used," the airport quite a bit when I was training there. The best part of KEFD is the surrounding training areas. You are literally a 3 minute flight from the gulf so you get to see all sorts of stuff when flying VFR.

I don't fly anymore, but If I had a choice I would pick KDWH simply because of the community.


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In the surrounding area, you can try LaPorte Muni with Debbie Rihn (Cessnas, Citabria/Decathlon, up to a Pitts), Ellington Field with flying tigers (LSA, Grumman Cheetah/Tiger, Arrow, Cougar Multi),Pearland Regional "Bay Area Flying Club" (Citabria, Commanche 235, Arrow..), Houston Southwest with either Dutch Wings (LSA up to Travelair twin) or my favorite Texas Taildraggers (Citabria, Decathlon, and Stearman).I'm not to sure about the north Houston airports but it may be Hooks where they have a seaplane runway on field. I've heard there is an old COA captain who does seaplane training in a Beaver there if you are lucky enough to run into the guy when he has free time.