Aircar: Would you buy one?

I'd be more concerned about bad drivers! There are loads of them on the road and I'd hope you would need a more more training/ceritifcation to use an 'aircar' than a regular one.

Really, how are they different than aircraft besides design?

The futuristic notion is that we'll just be able to go down and buy an aircar
Hello Fender,

San Jose, huh? I live off the Alameda. Anyway...

SoloTrek XFV

Moller SkyCar

Remember all of those "skycars" in the movie "The Fifth Element"? I don't see that happening for at least 200 years. Also, with so many vehicles in such close proximity to each other I would imagine that all of the exhaust / jet blast / prop wash would make for a very rough & interesting ride. I don' think the pedestrians below would feel very comfortable or safe! However, I bet that the military, Coast Guard & psuedo-military organizations (NIS, CIA, FBI, etc.) would put these vehicle to great use.

Just my opinion,

I guess this is what they are talking about in Part 61 when they mention "powered lifts"?
I'd get one if there weren't so many bad drivers out there. People neglect regular cars so much that these Aircars would be falling out of the sky!!!!!
Hi MarineNav!

Yep, I'm in San Jose for the time being; God only knows where I'll be next.

These "aircars" would present a potential catastrophe should (or when) an accident occurs. The logistics of a hybrid vehicle just aren't feasible now.

Plus, what would the ramifications be in the auto industry? Would it sound the death knell for Daytona, Indy et al?

But I agree with everyone else: If I don't trust some drivers down here, why on earth would I think that their aeronautical skills will be any better?
I just started driving recently, and if people fly those cars the way these crazy New Englanders drive then I'm staying home.

Its a neat concept but I dont see it catching on. Or least not during my lifetime.