Aim Chat open - saturday night 8:10 eastern

I'm in the chat right now. Usually I wouldn't be up at such an obscene time (9am) unless I had a flight, but oh the ravages of jet lag. See ya there.

AIM: jetcareers
If you need help I can invite you.
Sheesh, is this now or something? haha!
Man I wish everyone would quit running off somewhere else. I feel like the poor unwanted younger brother left at home while the big boys are out to play.

Just 'cause I'd rather stay *home* doesn't mean I want to miss on the conversations, ya know.

Besides, *home* has been pretty good to us and I think it'd be cool to keep the *hit* counter high on our fav site, eh?
Sheesh, is this now or something? haha!

[/ QUOTE ] heck why not... at least we don't have to worry about someone using our names! haha
just go to
and you won't need an invitation...I actually have to get offline and DO some sunday things, so i'll be back later tonight....
I think the only problem that I have with a semi-official chat is that with almost certain regularity it ends up I get emailed a transcript of someone posing as Kristie or myself, or even someone else on the website and just having an absolute poo-flinging fest.

So enter at your own risk.
yeah.. but thing with AIM is that others can't post as you cuz whatever aim name you sign up with is what you enter the aim chat with.. so if i'm kristikat458 and your emdee90 -> then people will know when we enter and when we don't... get it? it has a lot more security than the volano chat we were using on the site before.
Volano sucked hairy monkey butt.

[/ QUOTE ]Man, don't do that when I'm eating!