AFROTC detachments - are they all the same?


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I was looking at University of Hawaii's AFROTC program and was wondering if all detachments have the same number of pilot slots. I was trying to search on but I think their search tool is broken or something because it gives me an error. I'm asking this because I heard that Purdue's AFROTC detachment sent many graduates to UPT but I didn't know if it was due to the needs of the Air Force or if all detachments are run similarly.

I apologize if my understanding of AFROTC is abysmal.
Detachmets don't get slots. All cadets nationwide are ranked and if there are 500 slots, the top 500 nationwide get a slot. There are lots of aspects that go into your ranking, with commander's ranking being a large part. Every detachment has a number one cadet so it is safe to say that that cadet will end up near the top of the nationwide rankings and has a good chance at a slot.
Thank you for your reply. Wow, I did not know that only the #1 cadet from each detachment got a pilot slot. I know its "Officer first, job second" so I think I'll do a year of AFROTC to see how it is.

He's not saying that only the #1 cadet get's a pilot slot... he's just saying that the #1 cadet is pretty much guaranteed whatever slot he/she wants. He/she may not even opt for a pilot slot.

When I went through AFROTC at TTU many, many years ago... I received a pilot slot even though I was maybe 20 down in the detachment. Of course, that was before our commander read an announcement from George Bush (Sr.) that had a list of base closures and a nice little side note stating that all Pilot and Nav. slots were being pulled from all ROTC detachments across the US. Only available slots went to OCS candidates and Academy Grads that year. :(

It just really depends on how many are allotted nationwide each year to ROTC detachments. If there's +500... then there's a good chance of getting awarded one, if you qualify. If there's only 100... then only the top guys will get them. It's very competetive.