accelerated private pilot course


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I want to know if anybody knows a good school that offers accelerated private pilot course with housing. i live in texas but except ATP and US Flight Academy in denton tx there are no more school that does that. i heard sheble avaition in arizona career pilot school and star bright avation in kansas has that kind of program but i don't have any experience with them so i don't know which one to choose.

any information would help.
From previous posts, I've heard that everything at Starbright Aviation is pretty good. Starbright and White Air are less than an hour away from each other in Kansas so you could check them out in the same day.

Also if you find a place with good weather, any school could probably develop an accelerated course. Its not like schools are over flowing with students right now.
am planning on getting my PPL from white air and plan on starting sometime end of this month. Have heard good things from people who went there and also from people on the board here!