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What to get MikeD Thread is here

Hey everyone, I am absolutely pleased to report that we hit the $1500 mark tonight with the donations we received through the mail. Thank you very very much for exceeding our expectations!!!!!

With that, Doug and I have added our $120 to "match" the highest donator - which brings our total to $1625.47... There is still time to donate should you choose to - we have quite a few emails for mike and his compadres - feel free to send more my way so that i can print them out and put them in the boxes...

We went out shopping at costco today for a portion of supplies. We mostly bought food - next will be mostly toiletries and xmas gifts/decor - so far, we have $800 left to spend... If you'd like an actual account of what we have spent thus far, please let me know and I'll send over an image of the receipt for your use. Needless to say, we have to go back for a 2nd load because the 1st load pretty much took up the back seat and the cargo area of the X5 (believe it or not!!)... here are pictures of the loads (2 costco cart fulls) ...
Doug on 2 hrs of sleep
A better self portrait of "us"
The two cart loads....
Loading the car - thank goodness we had the SUV, if we'd had our little toyota, heck knows how many trips we would have had to make!
Almost empty...
Almost full...
you guessed it - Doug's Eagle Impersonation
The last item...
"And I'm SPENT".... says our poor SUV

We will update more when we have more...
HA....looks like you guys had fun....after seeing your effort, I can't help but contribute to the cause....
That is COOL! This only confirms what a tight knit group pilots can be. I hope Mike and the guys get everything they can imagine and more....they certainly deserve it.

Awesome pics too...looks like you guys had fun. About 3 inches of snow on the ground here...wish I was back in Cave Creek. I wouldnt be upset if I never saw snow again.....
well, we have to go back and use our own money for the beer (in other words - we're working on that)...but i found SO many things i can buy at costco.. i just had the problem with parking, the crowds and having to find somewhere to store it in the house - we don't have enough storage as it is... ack!! but with what we bought - there were some good deals there and we'll be heading back tomorrow or sunday.. depends on which day is "worse".. hahaha
Thank you both for doing the legwork part as well for our friends overseas. You are both troopers!

I noticed the Charmin in the cart, good choice since they have "crappy" tp over there!

Why the two hours sleep, aviation related or bling-bling digity-boom-bam?

Blue Skies...
Wow..that was a lot of food...Nice job..Any word yet on how its going to ship? Those guys are going to be so psyched..you are definently going to be on Santas good list this year..

PS..if anyone asks for a copy of the reciept to audit your spending..let Szluka and I know and we will attempt our best Jules and Vincent inpression from Pulp Fiction...suit it up...knock on their door and recite:

Ezekiel 25:17. The path of the righteous man is beset on
all sides by the inequities of the
selfish and the tyranny of evil
men. Blessed is he who, in the
name of charity and good will,
shepherds the weak through the
valley of darkness, for he is truly
his brother's keeper and the finder
of lost children. And I will
strike down upon thee with great
vengeance and furious anger those
who attempt to poison and destroy
my brothers. And you will know my
name is the Lord when I lay my
vengeance upon you."
Damn Doug! You got plenty of junk in that trunk & I am not talking about the SUV.. (Just Kidding!!!)
I'm very impressed. Just wondering how all that stuff is going to get over there. I hear DHL is offer service at reduced rates due to the reduced wing area on their aircraft
... (ok, so it was in poor taste. sorry.) Anyhow, you probably have thought of it already, but you may want to consider holding some donation money in reserve to cover the shipping costs.

Absolutely Awesome!!!
Thank you guys so much for all your legwork and for organizing all of this. MikeD's unit will be the envy of the desert!

Forget FexEx or UPS. You're gonna have to have that airlifted in a C-130!!!

You guys totally rock!!

Why the two hours sleep, aviation related or bling-bling digity-boom-bam?

[/ QUOTE ] yup, he got into EWR (I think ) at 2am the following morning (rerouted trip with a deadhead at the end) and wanted to catch the 6am flight out of dodge before the big storm hit (to come home).... so hence the 2 hr sleep.. then the poor guy comes home and i put him to work!! nice of me huh! hahahaha
we're working on that... we have to figure something out and fast! We have one member whose checking into UPS for us and we'll be calling the VFW to see if they can help us figure out how to get it there... and we want to take a look into FedEx also..

even going via ground would work (I think they have to get to Dover or NY) - but it would be nice if we could get the shipment to them by xmas day!!

the sooner we figure that out - the sooner we can get these package out the door!