1. Adam Liston

    500 TT. BS in Pro Flight CFI MEL

    Looking for work that would be outside the CFI business. I am 26 with a BS in Aviation from University of Nebraska. Currently live in Omaha,Ne. Am willing to commute for few days on and few days off. MEL and a little bit of turbine time. Anything out there? I would move to location but my wife...
  2. Victor98290

    Traffic Watch Pilots Needed. Addison, Texas

    Traffic watch pilots needed Immediately. great opportunity for low time guys. Company Flies Cessna 172's. twice a day two different routes. Morning and afternoon. Average 5-6 hours a day. All VFR. Minimum 500 Hours. or 400 with CFI. (Insurance Requirements). CFI preferred. Pay is $10/hour...