4 airlines are hiring from ATA??


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I spoke with ATA this morning and they told me about 4 airlines are hiring from ATA. They named shuttle america, trans states, ACA, and another one I think. They also told me that American Eagle is going to start hiring soon. The AE thing i am sure inst realistic, but can anyone attending ATA vouch for the school and have seen the other airlines taking students?
To the best of my knowledge the only airlines hiring ATA grads right now are ACA, Great Lakes, and Discover Air. ACA hired 12 about a month and a half ago. Discover took 7 at about the same time.

Just so you have all the facts, most of the ATA grads first go through a 90-day unpaid internship at ACA before being hired. You'll be doing everything from painting hangars to loading baggage. You can get around this if you have a 4-year degree or if you have significantly more than their 400-hour minimum.

I wouldn't get my hopes up too much about American Eagle. They have some labor issues they need to work out with American before they can start hiring. We've been waiting for them to get that squared away for several months. (I think Doug may have more info on that one).
ATA has sent about 24 guys to be interns at ACA and all but one have been hired, however some are still in the pool awaiting class dates. There are around ten guys scheduled to interview with great lakes in January. Two are scheduled to interview with TSA, and shuttle america, but i believe their flight times meet those companie's minimums.