350+ Hours (Anywhere in the World)


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Commercial Multi & Single Engine | Instrument Airplane
TT 350+
ME 60 (Cessna 310 Time)
IR 50
PIC 150
Night 40
Cross Country 90
Solo 80
Tailwheel 40

Willing to relocate anywhere in the world. Currently training for my MEI and other Instructor Ratings. Graduating in May with a Bachelors of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Science will be available after May 12th. Not interested in an instructor job as initial employment unless the school offers charter services.


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I'd recommend looking into Picto vendors and flying survey. May's when their season is ending, but some vendors have some summer work and will be hiring to replace the pilots that have moved on. There are plenty of threads here on it. My only recommendation is to stay away from Air America any more as their safety record, being 1099, their going after pilots to cover damage to the plane and other changes to their contract. Not to mention that the summer contract you sign might just have you sitting around Daytona Beach not flying much.

Also you could probably get on with Boutique Air (PC12) or Southern Airways (Cessna 208) as an SIC. There's also another company flying Caravans out of St. Louis who's name doesn't come to mind, but also is looking for SICs now and then.


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I believe you are thinking of Air Choice One for the 208 operator out of St. Louis.


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I believe you are thinking of Air Choice One for the 208 operator out of St. Louis.
Yep, I believe that's the one. I think I remember hearing a line guy in BIS saying he got hired somewhere near commercial mins last spring.

Also didn't you just post a mapping job for the summer that might be a good fit?