low flight hours

  1. R

    Helicopter Time building just south of Chicago 2018 R44

    Hello all, We are looking to possibly do some time building in an R44 Raven I, but there has to be enough interest to make it happen. It is for rated pilots who want to build time or just go fly. However, if you need a flight review, work with autos, or something I will be around. The rate will...

    ***Flight Safety Academy seeking Flight Instructors! (GAIN HOURS FAST)

    Want to gain hours fast? Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, FL is hiring flight instructors immediately! As an Instructor at Flight Safety Academy you can gain over 100 hours of flight time a month plus a possible signing bonus. Flight Safety is looking for many different types of CFI's...
  3. FlyingAlly

    350+ Hours (Anywhere in the World)

    Commercial Multi & Single Engine | Instrument Airplane TT 350+ ME 60 (Cessna 310 Time) IR 50 PIC 150 Night 40 Cross Country 90 Solo 80 Tailwheel 40 Willing to relocate anywhere in the world. Currently training for my MEI and other Instructor Ratings. Graduating in May with a Bachelors of...
  4. Coop0114

    Anyone got insight for a fresh commercial pilot?

    I'm sitting at 315 hours over 100 multi engine. I just want to know if anyone knows a good way to build time fast? I'm in Southern California and want to get back in the air in the worst way. I know "get your cfi" but I want a flying job like traffic watch or anything really so I can pay for my...
  5. A

    Any low hour pilot job needed

    I just graduated from college with a degree in Aviation flight science. I have my Commercial SEL and MEL with instrument rating and hope to have my Commercial SES with instrument rating within the next couple weeks. I currently have 296 TT, 205 SEL, 13 SES, 78 MEL, 45 Cross Country, 56...