1. FlyingAlly

    350+ Hours (Anywhere in the World)

    Commercial Multi & Single Engine | Instrument Airplane TT 350+ ME 60 (Cessna 310 Time) IR 50 PIC 150 Night 40 Cross Country 90 Solo 80 Tailwheel 40 Willing to relocate anywhere in the world. Currently training for my MEI and other Instructor Ratings. Graduating in May with a Bachelors of...
  2. B

    700+TT Looking for summer work in FL or NJ

    Looking to get a little experience outside of my daily right rudder script. I should easily have 800hrs by the time the summer months roll around. CFI/CSEL/MEL IR Pvt Glider 700+TT 400+ Dual Given 220 Cross Country 76 Instrument 25 Multi 26 Glider