1. PilotScott

    Accelerated CFI program in West Michigan

    A CFI ground school will be offered in Muskegon, Michigan this May (2023). It is an accelerated 10-day program, 9am-4pm. Contact me if you would like to be added to the information email list and have your availability factored into the final dates for the course. For additional details or...
  2. S

    Instrument Training

    Hello Everyone! I am going to be starting my instrument training very soon and I was wondering if anyone has any good tips for it or if anyone has a list of good equipment to use when flying IFR? I am very new to IFR so i am unaware. Thanks
  3. Capitan Guapo

    Aspiring Pilot.. Career thoughts

    Hi Everyone. I'm only the very early stages in the process of starting a career in Aviation. A lot of sources share that its best when starting your education to avoid majoring in Aviation. The university I'm looking at offers its Aviation degree with a part 141 flight school, and getting the...
  4. Boskru

    FSI Right seat program

    Hello all. I did a quick search and didn't see anything listed about the right seat program. Many years ago I was part of the Falcon 50 right seat program at CAE DFW. It was unpaid, but after 80 sessions you got the type rating. At the time it didn't fit in well with my schedule after I...
  5. D

    ACS Slow Flight Instruction??

    The ACS stipulates that slow flight is now supposed to be performed without the stall horn annunciating. So, there's been a debate -sometimes almost religiously ferocious- about this. One side argues you're not slow enough to truly experience flight on the back side of the power curve without...
  6. Crimson37

    crossroads in career

    Hey gang, new member here. So here's the situation: like most, i've loved aviation for as long as i can remember. I recently graduated with a BS in aviation management and my PPL (about 50 hrs TT). I currently work as an airfield operations officer at a part 139 airport. although i thoroughly...
  7. inventor

    Gleim X-Plane Private Pilot course?

    I expect to start actual private pilot training this fall, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Would this be a good investment for learning this summer? Comes with free X-Plane 10.
  8. Nprice

    Need Instruction/ Building Time?

    Limited Time - Dual $110 per hour (Airplane/Fuel/Instructor) in a Cessna 150. Minimum 5 hour block to be completed in a single day. We can do private or commercial work, airport hop, whatever you'd like. We'll have fun! Send a PM. Located in Columbia, SC.
  9. D

    Aerosim Flight Academy vs ATP vs Local Community College

    Hi my name is Daniel, Im currently a student at MCCC or Mercer County Community College enrolled in there aviation flight technology associate. Im currently taking core classes and not flying in my first semester although I will supposedly start in my second (something I don't believe because...
  10. G

    I think I've found the solution...maybe

    So I'm a senior in high school this year and I have my sights set on flying for one of the major airlines. I've always loved airplanes and took a discovery flight recently and absolutely loved it! I've applied to most of the big time aviation schools (ERAU, UND, WMU, Lewis, SIU, ASU, Purdue) and...
  11. S

    61.129 Commercial Requirement Questions

    I have a few questions about the Commercial Single Engine Requirements. First, here are the requirements as you all may know: (a) For an airplane single-engine rating. Except as provided in paragraph (i) of this section, a person who applies for a commercial pilot certificate with an airplane...