1. T

    Logging SIC in Citation II

    Good afternoon, I have a question about logging SIC. The PIC will be getting his single pilot exception for the CE500 and I was wondering if I can still log SIC when flying right seat? Specifically, if the flight is conducted under Part 91 with two pilots on board (me being SIC typed). Thanks!
  2. thegriffinpages

    ATP Second In Command Type Rating

    Under Part 121, a First Officer needs an ATP with a Second In Command (SIC) Type Rating. Is that SIC Type Rating the same thing as having a Restricted ATP? I ask this because I'm studying for my Aircraft Dispatch Certification. Some of the questions they ask are about things like approach...
  3. TroopersRotate

    Need help w/ BE1900 question; with autopilot, is it Single PIC, or is SIC required?

    Here are the variables regarding an inter-office dispute. Going to post this so as not to lead towards any one individual's opinion. Any facts and supporting docs or references would be appreciated. 1. Part 135 Cargo - Can the BE1900 (regardless of model) be flown single pilot? 2. Part 135...
  4. Helodriver27

    *Contract SIC*: Citation 500-series and CJ-series (PHX area)

    Looking to pick up some contract SIC work in CE-500-series and CJ-series (CE-525) aircraft: Total Time: 2,205 Pilot in Command: 2,030 Multi-Engine PIC: 615 Turbine: 201 Night: 480 Night Cross-Country: 453 Cross-Country: 1,170 Mountain/High DA: 1,221 Instrument (Sim/Act) 206/124 **Hold SIC...
  5. Helodriver27

    Interesting read put out by the Feds on logging of flight time...

    Hoping this clears some things up. A good read. Not new information, but nice to see some elaboration to help clear up obvious confusion within the industry. Here's a link to the PDF: Logging Pilot in Command Time Once you get a...
  6. North Central Aviation

    Nextant 400XT SIC - Minnesota

    Looking for a 400XT SIC for Part 91 and Part 135 operation 1000TT Commercial rating Salary w/full benefits Based in Minneapolis/ St. Paul Desired: Turbine experience Inquires contact us at